Helping Builders and Remodelers
Save Time and Make More Money
With Better Leads

Website and Digital Marketing Solutions
Focused on One Thing…

Better Home Improvement Leads

Helping Builders and Remodelers
Save Time and Make More Money
With Better Leads

Website and Digital Marketing Solutions
Focused on One Thing…

Better Home Improvement Leads

If you are tired of…

…depending on referrals and the feast or famine cycle month after month.

…trying to do all of your digital marketing ‘in-house’ and getting poor ROI.

…wasting time on estimates you know won’t close because you get unqualified leads.

…knowing your marketing could be much more effective but not sure what to do.

Tired of not getting the BANG for your buck or trying to figure it out on your own?

You may be a
Builder or Remodeler 
And you’ve probably asked yourself the following question 100 times…


Michael Pollaci - Digital StrategistUGH! I know how you feel… I remember those days. I would work all day – I’d be tired, hungry, sweaty, dirty and in no mood but I would have to put on that happy face and get out on those estimates. After all, no work-no pay, right? But, I knew full well that out of the 10 estimates (if I could get 10!) I may have scheduled for the week 9 of them were either kicking the tires, price shopping or using my estimate for comparison to another roofing & siding guy they were going to sign with anyway.

For Pete’s sake. I was passionate about the home improvement industry. I was good at it and I loved stepping back to see how what I did made a difference in people’s lives. I knew they were getting taken by less scrupulous and less capable home improvement contractors. These were real people with real problems not unlike my own. But I was at my wits end!

The problem was I didn’t have a system in place pre-qualifying my leads. After all, I was: Lead Carpenter, Salesman, Bill Collector, Bill Payer, Baby Sitter for my Crew and Head Dishwasher in Chief. I was flying by the seat of my pants and hoping for the best.

Maybe you can relate. There was never time to stop and plan. Who am I kidding?! There was barely time to stop and think. Flying by the seat of my pants is an understatement. I felt alone.

I always had one burning quetsion – What can I do that would bring me better leads? 

Insert *sigh* here. Targeted marketing was nearly impossible back then. We had newspaper ads and direct mail. The only thing I could do was better qualify people on the phone before I met with them. My results were okay at best. They were different times.

The bright side. This was before the internet took over our lives. Now we have access to so many tools I couldn’t even fathom back then. I wish I knew then what I know now. I think if I had, I wouldn’t be here to help you right now. I’d be on a boat somewhere off the coast of Aruba.

My clients have found that by using the processes I have created with the new tools we have they are making more money and, more importantly, saving valuable time. Time they can use working on improving their businesses, being a parent, and even enjoying some of the successes they have had. 

It can be done! A new website and digital marketing can help. You can live the life of your dreams and build the company you started out to build. Plus, you can use those skills you’ve got to help all those people improve their home’s and their live’s.

The pressure is on.
Payroll is due in a few days.
Vendors are knocking down the door to get a check.
Your salespeople are dying to talk to anyone with a pulse.
They are all looking to you for answers…

And all you feel is alone.


“It’s impossible to find the time to figure this stuff out.”

“No one understands how hard I am trying.”

“I need help!”

The pressure is on.
Payroll is due in a few days.
Vendors are knocking down the door to get a check.
Your salespeople are dying to talk to anyone with a pulse.
They are all looking to you for answers…

And all you feel is alone.


“It’s impossible to find the time to figure this stuff out.”

“No one understands how hard I am trying.”

“I need help!”

Sound familiar?

Myth #1

“I’ve built my business on referrals and I can scale with them.”
Referrals are feast or famine. You can’t depend on them which is probably why you are reading this right now.

Myth #2

“I can do this on my own or teach my admin to do it for me.”
Simple question, WHY?! The best way to move your company forward is for you to do what you do best. Leave the digital marketing and websites to us.

Myth #3

“Digital marketing doesn’t bring pre-qualified leads.”
Digital marketing can create a ton of pre-qualified leads. We find it’s usually the strategy that is lacking and that can be fixed.

Myth #4

“I have too many competitors to charge what I am really WORTH.”
If you have too many competitors to charge what you are worth then you are fishing in the wrong pond. Change your pond and become the big fish.


The 6 Point Blueprint

Your Blueprint for Digital Success

Helping you save time and make more money
by showing you how to get better home improvement leads online.




It’s not the next new thing. Trendy now, obsolete later. You will receive timeless strategies that go beyond any trendy tool or tactic.

It’s not for the contractor satisfied with just referrals. This will elevate your sales funnel and help you scale your business up. No more feast or famine here.

It’s not a new website. A full website redesign project may not be needed at all. Maybe some tweaks are all that’s necessary. What you need is a new digital strategy.

It’s not for everyone. This is for growth minded builders and remodelers who want to see their goals reached and their dreams come to fruition.



What You Get…

Proven Process
From discovery to analysis to report, our process has been crafted over time to deliver high quality leads. But we don’t sit on our laruels – we constantly adjust our process to keep up with digital trends ensuring we deliver results.

We bring the experts to you. Every one of our blueprints is crafted by true experts in their fields. You will have full access to your team of experts and ask any questions you may have.

We deliver a detailed and focused strategy to follow. From your ideal customer to your proven channels we will craft a strategy that will fill your funnel with qualified leads.

Real Deliverables
We are not going to go through this whole process and hold your blueprint hostage until you sign a contract with us. What we find is yours – all of it. No strings. No bait & switch. No contractual requirements.

Action Plan
We will deliver a full report of action items you can implement on your own or hand over to your website developer, marketing team and content writers. Action gets results and results bring success!

Will we guarantee results? Yes.
How? We determine a baseline based on where you are now. If you allow us to implement and maintain your strategies, we will move the needle. If we don’t, we will refund you in full.

This is where we get started. We create a business canvas or a snap shot of your plan. We figure out what your goals are, what your unique value to your customer is, what the best channels are to find your ideal customer and what metrics we will measure to maintain a successful campaign.

Our next step is to create your ideal customer avatar. After all, none of this matters unless we know who we are talking to and where we can find them. We will even give them a name, an image and a backstory.

This is where we get into the heavy lifting.

Whether you have a written out digital strategy or not, we will deep dive into every aspect of your digital marketing footprint from your on-page and off-page search engine optimization to your content and your online and offline sales processes.

We get this done in much the same way you get your remodels done – we hire the best contractors we can find!  All of our strategic partners are the top minds in their industry. They are all specialists and get paid to do one thing and they do it well.

The intensives are like a ‘trades meeting’ where we will get on a conference call with each one of the experts and discuss the project in depth. You will have the opportunity to talk directly with your entire team of experts and ask any questions you would like while they are probing for the solutions you need.

Look, we know the old axiom  “jack of all trades and master of none.” We believe it’s true and we internalize it. We know what our superpower is and we know that we do it better than anyone out there. But, we also know we have limitations, and although we are capable of handling it all, why would we when we can bring the experts in to do it for you?

Don’t trust your company’s future to a “jack of all trades”. You know how that turns out…

Once we have completed the discovery process and all of the intensives we will bring our experts together and we will create a comprehensive blueprint for you to launch your company to the next level.

We deliver a comprehensive report detailing all the action steps you should take to accomplish the goals of your new digital marketing strategy.

Once the full report and all the action steps are delivered to you we speak about next steps and how you can move forward with our team or use the information to implement on your own.


What do I need to do to get ready?

Each session will have a different set of challenges and require a differrent ‘toolbox’. Like building a house, we will give you a full set of plans and set you up for success ensuring you are prepared for all of the sessions and you get optimal value from them. We provide a safe, professional environment and we ask some pretty pointed questions about your business. Be prepared to let down your guard a bit – candor is the best way to get results. Please bring your A-game to each meeting – we will bring ours.

When will I see results?

That is a tough question to answer. Because every client is unique, timelines could vary. Some may have a full website development in their 6 Point Blueprint while others may only need a new overall strategy and get some immediate results from a streamlined Facebook™ Ad campaign. What we promise is that after our process is complete you will have a fully implementable strategy with clearly stated milestones – our goal would be to meet those milestones.

What else should I know?

This is hard work. It is going to take dedication, committment and investment on your part. It is going to take you out of your comfort zone and ask you to talk about things you thought you never would. Your business’s future depends on this and there are no shortcuts. The more quality time and dedication you put into the process, the more value you will get out of it. If you are wishy-washy about this – don’t do it. If you are serious about getting your time back, having more control over your finances and growing your business to leave a legacy for your family, this is the program for you.


How much does it Cost?

How much does doing nothing cost? How much will doing the same thing over and over again cost? How much do you value your family time, your sense of security and your financial independence? We talk about value here and one of the first things we will help you do is start talking value with your potential clients. 

Look, we guarantee if you bring your A game to all the meetings, allow us to implement the strategy we lay out for you, and give us a resonable amount of time to measure the successes, the value you will recieve for this small investment in your business will be immeasurable.

Get in touch with us and we will talk about what your goals are and then we will talk about value… is a division of is a division of